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Money Dashboard offers an Open Banking Data Enrichment API, providing transaction categorisation, merchant identification & income recognition to help fintechs and financial institutions build the future of finance.
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Why is it important to get categorisation right?

Whether you are a Bank, Challenger, Insurer, Mortgage Provider or personal finance app developer; If you are dealing with transaction data, good quality categorisation should be at the heart of your journey into the world of Open Banking.

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What categorisation can do you for your business

At Money Dashboard, categorisation of transactions is keys to our customers’ success. Read our case study to discover the power of our Categorisation as a Service API.

Save time

Define Salary, Groceries, Travel, Mortgage Payments, Utilities and more, quickly and with clinical accuracy.

Improve decision accuracy

High degree of accuracy breeds a better quality product for the benefit of you and the customer in making a credit decision for example

Understand your customers

Our categorisation gives you the TrueView® of your customers financial fixed spending and habits, enabling you to evolve your offerings in line with changing needs of the customer.


Transaction categories

Our categorisation system helps you to make sense of raw bank transactions data.

We classify your transactions into 14 easy to understand top level categories, with 99 second level categories providing detail for actionable insights.

We provide transaction enrichment to some of the largest financial institutions in the world, a customer base for whom high categorisation accuracy is of upmost importance.

With 289 additional sub categories available, we can work with your team to build the solution and analysis your business needs.

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Food & Drink













Merchant identification

Over 1200 merchants tagged, and more being added every day.

Our machine learning algorithms are backed by data validated through a rules-based system and trained on over 600 million transactions.

This approach ensures that we have the best of both worlds: the scalability and raw computing power of machine learning, and the rigorous standards and human intelligence of a rules-based system.

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Refund from Topman

Transfer from Sam

Salary received


Transfer from savings pot

Contract payment


Income identification

Need to build a full, accurate, and granular view of income?

Our system identifies regular salary, benefits, gifts, interest, and rental money. Get a detailed picture of income in seconds without any pain or paperwork.

For example, you can use it to enrich your automated credit algorithm, mortgage affordability assessment, or loans decision.

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For the benefit of all FinTechs

Steve Tigar
CEO at Money Dashboard

We see our platform as a game-changer in the world of Open Banking solutions that is only now beginning to develop at pace.  What is really exciting is not only the potential for the platforms to create a whole new wave of fintechs, but also that, ultimately, the end consumer is going to get much improved products and services.

You create the future and we’ll provide the foundations

Free up time and speed up innovation with our Open Banking Data Enrichment API that provides the fundamental building blocks to enable you to get a better understanding of your customers and as a result make better informed & timely decisions.

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Got a question? We might have answered it below:

How can my company benefit from the Data Enrichment API?

By using the Open Banking Data Enrichment API, you will benefit from a high accuracy rate for merchant and purpose. You can build the product you want with the highest degree of confidence.

Furthermore, our Machine Learning model never stops learning, so the data you contribute continually improves the tagging, benefiting you and the fintech community in a virtuous cycle.

Tagging transaction data needn’t be cumbersome, or costly. Simple!

What makes the Money Dashboard Categorisation better?

The Categorisation as a Service (CaaS) system that Money Dashboard developed utilises Machine Learning models using supervised learning based algorithms. The models are trained on over 600 million transactions across three levels of purpose categories (a total of 289 categories) and over 1200 merchants.

These models leverage Money Dashboard's deep expertise in understanding the structure and format of a multitude of transactions across different banking institutions and providers.

The model performs with the highest degree of accuracy for purpose and merchant categorisation respectively.  This was verified in testing utilising an external set of transactions unseen by Money Dashboard's models, but also a set that used a different mechanism for removing PII. The models are able to handle a diverse set of transactions pre-processed using different methodologies.

What is the cost?

Our API offering is cost effective with no up-front costs, no monthly minimums and no volume commitments. Contact us for more details